Old folks, meet the new folks!

Welcome to the musical world of folk rock swedes Esse Quam Videri!
Starting as a three piece band in Örebro 2012 by Esbjörn, Isabelle and Jimmy, EQV have since then become a more vibrant and swinging quartet, adding violin, charangoo, synthesizers and rocking drums to the sound.

Latest band member to join EQV is Max Häggberg on drums.

The EQV style of music is probably folk rock… folk musicians trying to play rock music. Not getting to attached to just one genre (or thruthfully, not being intereseted in recycling other people’s music) the songs and sounds take on a life of its own and comes out a little jazzier, proggier, funkier or folkier, quite often with three-part harmozing voices on top.

Debut album ”One Way Up” was released in the summer of 2015. Recorded between autumn -14 and spring -15 in livingrooms and rehearsal rooms on a portable recorder, it showcases the band embracing lots of differnent styles and a variety of odd instrumentations. It features Daniel Jonasson on drums and Helena Sandell on Violin and Trumpet. You can order ”One Way Up” on CD from our website.
”One Way Up” is also available on spotify.

After the release of ”One Way Up”, Jimmy, Isabelle and Esbjörn travelled around Bolivia to disvover the somewhat secret and beautiful folklore and culture of this country. Playing different clubs, cafes and festivals in La Paz, Santa Cruz and Cochabamba, this trip keeps inspiring things to come from the band.

EQV are currently working on their second album which has the working title ”Nobody Can Stop Us From Dreaming”. Keep yourself up to the date on the sessions, the writing and the recording of the album. Please visit the facebook page to get in touch with the band.

E.Q.V / – To be rather than to seem to be